What’s So Great About Water?

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I believed I had been good enough to look for the assistance of a broker that could store me about Hollywood, especially into the Seinfeld show.

Among those monikers which Seinfeld awakened was that it had been “the show about nothing.” So as to write an episode for the series that highlights the everyday and mundane, I sought to make a narrative that would match the ambiguous adjective, nothing. It finally hit me: why don’t you write about bottled water? From the mid-1990s, bottled water was a fad that made carrying around a bottle of water as trendy as donning a Prada handbag, or as significant an attachment to possess since today’s smart phones. It had been ideal: it mocked a present tendency, and water has been all about something which looks and, sometimes, tastes like nothing.

After writing the script and then sending it around to brokers for weeks, I understood that I’d shortly be moving to a mission and chose not to even add temptation to the choice to depart or not, and abandoned the screenplay independently (you know, just if it had been picked up and that I became a huge deal…right).

Part of the irony is that I really like water. I was raised in San Diego, CA five kilometers from the shore and I really like the beach. Considering moving to Utah, the days I have worked on cruise ships in the Caribbean over the last few years have revived my dream of being on or about water. Composing this article on a cruise surrounded with the gorgeous blue waters of the Caribbean all on sides places the majesty and immensity of this component of God’s front front and center in my mind.

After departing the port in Nassau, Bahamas, we’ve got one night to come back to the vent in Miami which means travel at faster than normal speed. As is normal in the open ocean, end is refreshing and occasionally, extreme.

The ship is truly rocking tonight. The combination of high winds and quick speeds push the ship from side to side, sufficient for a few to experience moderate sea sickness. The water from the pools on deck is sloshing from side to side in rhythm with all the ship’s motion, making for a unwelcome swim.

When looking at one of those huge ocean liners, it’s difficult to imagine the energy and resources that it might take to construct a boat that size. Much more notable is the fact that, despite its large size, the ship can nevertheless be affected by Mother Nature to the level that it’s. It only goes to demonstrate that the immense strength of character.

However, the more I consider it, water warms the lava, water packs the soil, water has the capacity to alter the landscape of this ground over every other element of that I’m aware. Water has the capacity to cure, to wash, but also to maintain life and ruin the rest of the creations. Come to think about it, I am not positive whether there’s anything stronger than water from all of the earth. Because of this, I guess at least in part, we drink water as part of this sacrament, why, to be able to reveal His amazing power, Jesus revealed that he could walk on the water, so that he would change water into wine, which we’re baptized inside.

Maybe this is the reason the ground was coated in a flooding. Finally, we’re shown that as powerful as water is, even as catastrophic and as life giving because it might be, Jesus Christ is stronger than even the oceans of the planet.

Maybe the next time we feel like we’re drowning in the sea of existence, or overwhelmed by the storms which beset us, we could recall that we are able to turn into Jesus Christ, our Master, the Lord Omnipotent. As intimidating and powerful because this huge sea seems, I’m stronger than this particular water. Come unto me, trust me, I’m the Living Water.”

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