The Right Skin Care for the Right Kind of Skin

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A favorite quote from Dr. Howard Murad states, “Healthy skin is an expression of general wellness”. This quotation beautifully sums up the need to guard your skin against all likelihood since it reflects the condition of your internal self. Therefore a simple mantra to achieve a luminous skin is to remain healthy and joyful from within.

The next thing to do is to first understand your own skin type and then caress it with the ideal sort of care. But, we generally do not pay any heed to these specifics and victimize our skin using compound rich beauty care products. Such products harm the epidermis and make it look dull and worn out.

Let us try to comprehend all one of those kinds.

1. Vata Skin Sort
The Vata form is characterized by tender, rough, wrinkled, and lean skin using little pores. It’s exceedingly sensitive to dry windy weather and may become easily dried. Otherwise treated with caution, vata skin may age quicker and appear flaky and dry always.
Employ products which comprise a combination of essential oils and organic herbs
Attempt to lessen the degree of your psychological and psychological stress as it pushes out vital juices from the epidermis also leaves it dehydrated
Drink at least 8 glass of water daily and eat succulent fruits in your normal daily diet
Correct the Vata imbalance by carrying Vata Churna and Vata Tea
2. Pitta Skin Sort
Pitta form is distinguished by sensitive, fair, and tender skin. In lack of proper maintenance, this skin type can create migraines, acne, or sunburns.
 Strategies for Pitta Skin Care

 Employ products which create cooling effect on the skin
 Shield yourself from unpleasant Sun beams by employing natural Sun protection lotions
 Avoid swallowing hot and hot food and exercising at the hot place
 Drink a lot of water daily and eat healthful organic food
 prevent the use of chemical-based cosmetics

3. Kapha Skin Kind
Individuals with Kapha kind have oily, thick, soft, dull, dense skin with large pores. In comparison to other two forms, this one is not as likely to wrinkles and aging. If not treated nicely, it may create cystic acne.
 Strategies for Kapha Skin Care

 Stay away from fatty, fried, and thick foods and change to green leafy veggies
 Detoxify your body with fruits and veggies and keep your digestive tract to be able
 Consume Kapha Churna and Kapha Tea to fix the kapha imbalance within the human body
 Drink a lot of water daily and consume more of fruits and green veggies
after you’ve identified your skin type, the next step is to select the proper products. A perfect type of skincare with right type of products contributes to healthy and glowing skin. The very best approach to do so is by choosing herbal and natural products. Market is flooded with natural skincare products but always keep in mind that the term ‘organic’ isn’t controlled and the validity of its own claim has to be assessed each moment.
Here are some tips that you need to remember before purchasing any skincare product.


1. Examine the listing of components mentioned on the merchandise before purchasing it
2. Assess for ‘Organic Ingredient Standard’ benchmark on the Item
3. Verify that the product Doesn’t include Sulfates Parabens or Petrochemicals
4. Say ‘No’ to perfumes, preservatives, and additives and also proceed for nutrient based organic constitute products
Organic products are enriched with natural and herbal oils. These components are mild and they don’t damage your skin. Below are a few of the effective all-natural herbs which should eventually become a part of your beauty care regime.

  • Kumkumadi Oil
    Kumkumadi Oil is effective in curing pimples and acne and leaves the skin tone even while brightening the complexion.
    Chandan or sandalwood possesses properties properties also it’s extremely helpful in balancing the surface oil and moisture content of the epidermis. It aids in enhancing the complexion and leaves the skin clean and glowing. It’s extremely helpful in treating chapped lips and dry and itchy skin. It works miracle in making the skin smooth, supple & young.
    Tulsi functions as an antiseptic & natural astringent which refreshes the skin and leaves it luminous.

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