Regarding the Antidote for Nuclear War

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We all know from writings from the early Greek Iliad, the Bible and the Koran the individual perception of color was evolving. The vocabulary used to refer to the color of these items as the sea or sky, compared with other ordinary place items, has shifted. Up until recently our comprehension of science contended that the evolutionary process was caused by genetic inheritance. On the other hand, the concept that linguistic color perception is made by non-genetic forces connected with evolutionary growth in just a holographic universe has introduced itself.

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The recent generation of period crystals from American University research has shown that our scientific, religious and political comprehension about evolving fact is a crude illusion. The performance of time crystals has demonstrated that our notion of science has been regulated by a supreme law requiring our extinction, is wrong. The evolutionary process connected with a non-genetic linguistic color perception procedure, hence, warrants analysis.

Our science and societal mores are regulated by a carcinogenic dysfunctional informational system found by epidemiologists. It’s a 3D worldwide outbreak transmitted by modern day communication and data devices. In 2017 this Russian Science-Art Organization set out to establish a research plan to investigate the part that artistic dimensional color perception will perform in innovative technologies. At 2017 American University researchers made moment crystals embracing the antidote reality. They said their aim to use their new knowledge for the progress of present artificial quantum information technologies. Since technology is a key facet of the outbreak, this could a severe error. When the Russian application follows the identical logic and combines the antidote data with contaminated artificial intelligence, the 3D worldwide outbreak will socialize with all the holographic evolutionary procedure in ways we don’t know.

It’s common knowledge that using artistic geometric colour methods to control the individual mind for dysfunctional intent is present, as an instance, North Korea, is currently of concern as a result of this. To some seemingly lesser extent we’re being regulated by a continuous bombardment of nonstop business tv mind control. To be able to generate a positive contribution to this scenario the quantum biological antidote required to create healthy evolutionary technology ought to be made visible to the public as soon as you can.

The Philosopher, Plato, argued that artistic artwork recognition was unethical, requiring an ethical religious wisdom through artwork so as to protect against the damaging land of unformed matter appearing from inside the physiological atom to destroy civilization. Afterwards, in contemporary times, the philosopher, Immanuel Kant, agreeing with Plato, wrote an unsolved electromagnetic field was growing over the imaginative, artistic thoughts as the religious wisdom that Plato had been looking for. Plato’s notion was that the actual universe was an illusion, which can be in accord with the concept of a holographic universe being an evolving illusion of truth.

We are aware that inside a holographic world artistic illusions can result in neurological feelings available to manipulation by unethical dictatorial regimes. The antidote technology however, utilizes a different to this ‘Colour over Mind’ artistic rhetoric accompanied by artistic audio and color to make a dysfunctional mindset. Inside the holographic reality ‘Head over Colour’ utilizes the physics theory that’s the equal and contrary to unethical illusions.

Contemporary day artists are painting stereoscopic images in their paintings. His bizarre Freudian language with scientists arguing for mathematics, politics and societal morality to break with its issue embraced Immanuel Kant’s more ethical potential. In 2002 stereoscopic asymmetrical electromagnetic eyeglasses were patented. When used to see artwork of the century Dali’s certainty that paintings comprised an imperceptible stereoscopic message became factual.

This linguistic color perception goes far beyond the reach of the mechanistic description of the current notion of chromostereopsis, where a visual illusion of thickness is hauled in two-dimensional color pictures. Nevertheless, in present day art many airplanes of stereoscopic images unite with one another to bring about motion, which in a holographic fact are recognized by engineers as religious torque forces. With no new religious mindset, civilization dominated by the 3D outbreak of dysfunctional information will lead to atomic warfare.

Authorisation for this report belongs to some 1979 Australian National Television documentary entitled, The Laboratory – Profiles of Discovery. A thorough explanation of the discoveries are available in the newspaper, The Optical Nature of Artistic Genius, ”April 2017) from Chris Degenhardt, printed on

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