Let them die of cancer, don’t! Let’s please

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Tomorrow I’m going to some Medical Aid In Dying assembly. This is a topic that many don’t wish to consider, let alone discuss. To me personally, it has always been private. And while private ¬†practice the amount of cancer sufferers I dealt with alongside of a few hospice work has created this matter very real to me.


I don’t compose to debate the finer points of what is wrong or right. I haven’t held the position which the answer is really easy. It is not. But after all the years in assisting individuals with all end of life issues, I’ve come to a single truth. I can’t judge the encounter of another one. I will take it a step further. I can’t gauge the pain of another one.


I think that a lot people have been conditioned from a really young age and never actually revisited this matter. I feel that is a snare. The world isn’t black and white. It is 1000 shades of gray. I believe I heard early on the very first time that the customer said they desired to die. That they couldn’t endure the pain anymore, and also their quality of life has been diminished by the hour. What should you do with this?


I’ve not ever discovered pushing my beliefs on somebody to be valuable. Particularly while they’re in pain. And that cannot be carried out using a hidden agenda.

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Measure everything you’ve always understood and reexamine. And nobody wants to discuss it. Now’s that moment. Wouldn’t you need choices? Would not you wish to get them documented through a Will and discussions with your nearest and dearest?


Please understand these discussions in the last days of existence are depriving you of time, which could be spent reassuring, sharing and creating peace with all the inevitable. All these are holy minutes. As life is. That should they’ve come to terms of the founder, then we ought to respect that.


Whatever side of the fence which you’re on, it is my hope that this report will get you speaking. Question yourself and worry about it. Begin a conversation with your loved ones. Since the 1 thing I


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